Janelle Anderson’s Employee Retention Tips on WZZM-13

November 16, 2021


Janelle N. Anderson

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Janelle N. Anderson

Operations Manager, Chief Compliance Officer


In Grand Rapids and across the country, companies have been shoring up efforts to retain valued employees amidst widespread job burnout. In “Rethinking the 9 to 5,” WZZM-13 health reporter Valerie Lego spoke with our Operations Manager and Chief Compliance Officer Janelle Anderson. Janelle described employee retention efforts already in place at Grand Wealth, as well as recent changes we’ve implemented to maintain our team focus during the pandemic.

Citing a survey conducted by analytics company Visier, Lego commented that 89% of employees surveyed had reported experiencing occupational burnout in the past year. As we’ve started returning to our downtown office, Janelle emphasized that “flexibility is key to maintaining a sense of balance between personal and professional priorities.” This includes shifting our procedures to facilitate fewer days in the office, without compromising client care. We’ve also explored tailoring each employee’s benefits package to fit their particular needs.

Janelle described another popular benefit we began developing well before the pandemic: a month-long, paid sabbatical for employees after 5 years of service. The perk “lets team members refresh and explore interests,” says Janelle, “whether that’s a big trip on their bucket list, or giving back to the community.”

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