Who We Serve

Grand Wealth Management provides the information, clarity and context so that our clients' decisions are well-informed, and their financial concerns are well managed.

Our clients include:

Business Owners

Leading business owners appreciate our deep understanding of the complexities they face—and our ability to manage their financial concerns, leaving them with more free time.

Dedicated Professionals

We work with professionals at the top of their professions and those working toward the top, helping them plan their futures while maximizing their investment possibilities.

Generational Wealth

For those looking to create a financial legacy, we specialize in structuring estates and in designing plans that will ensure your wealth can make a positive impact for generations.

At Grand Wealth Management, we strive to meet new and existing clients where they are and help them establish a solid financial plan aligned with a well-diversified investment portfolio. We partner with professionals, executives or business owners who are retired or intentional about planning for their retirement. Our typical client has $2 million or more of investable assets or is on pace to reach this milestone by their retirement. Through our proven process, we foster trust and understanding for our clients as we manage all elements of their portfolio.

Anastasia Wiese
Senior Financial Advisor

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