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Investment Management

Comprehensive solutions for your investment goals

No two clients are alike, and so no two financial solutions are alike. The Grand Wealth Management team brings an evidence-based approach to helping you manage your investments. We monitor portfolios daily and measure progress within the context of achieving your specific long-term financial goals.

Investment Management Services

  • Modern Portfolio Theory based investing
  • Evidenced-based investment selections
  • Investment Policy Statement development
  • Customized asset allocation
  • Asset diversification implementation
  • Strategic asset location philosophy
  • Daily portfolio monitoring
  • Tailored dividend and capital gain reinvestment strategy
  • Portfolio rebalancing based on tolerance bands
  • Routine tax loss harvesting
  • Legacy position management
  • Benchmarking
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Our Investment Philosophy

Markets Work

Security prices reflect available information

Structure Determines Performance

Asset allocation along size, value and market exposure dimensions primarily determines the results of a broadly diversified portfolio

Risk and Return are Related

Exposure to meaningful risk factors determines expected return

Diversification is Essential

Diversification reduces uncertainty
Concentrated investments add risk with no additional expected return

Costs and Taxes Matter

Expenses and taxes reduce net returns

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