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Estate Planning

Planning that goes beyond simple protection

Estate planning is more than identifying who will be a beneficiary of your money upon your passing. Estate planning includes current asset protection, knowing who will make important decisions if you are unable, as well as making sure your wealth is transferred as intended. Through our ongoing relationship with you, we monitor your financial situation and provide analysis and suggestions for estate plan updates as your life changes. Solid planning now will help you achieve your goals over the lifetime of the asset. 

Estate Planning Services

  • Review documents routinely to keep your estate plan aligned with your goals
  • Coordinate accuracy of financial account titling and beneficiary designations
  • Collaborate with attorneys to help you develop your will, trust, durable power of attorney, and/or healthcare power of attorney as needed
  • Family guidance and education
  • Discuss impacts of inheritance on beneficiaries
  • Propose and analyze lifetime gifting strategies
  • Harmonize charitable giving initiatives during and after lifetime
  • Generational wealth transfer guidance
  • Long term services and support recommendations
  • Charitable giving/family legacy coordination
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When was the last time you had to reference the “assembly instructions?” You may be able to recall a home project or special Christmas when you had received a gift that required assembly. Trying to sort all the pieces and fit them together without instructions can be endlessly frustrating and doesn’t work! An estate plan is like a set of assembly instructions and is key to making sure that the gift you leave your family or community at the end of your life is easily and quickly received in the way you intend.

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Steve Starnes shares in the first podcast episode of This Day & Age, tips, and tools you need to set yourself up for success in the later stages of life. The episode explores why having a plan in place is so important and how to get started.

The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate planning is something everyone needs to consider, no matter your net worth. More than just a will, an estate plan is a comprehensive set of documents and instructions that outlines requested actions for the division of assets, executor identification, and setting up any trusts and charitable donations. As a whole, its purpose is to ensure that one’s financial legacy is intact and ready to be passed on to the next generation.

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