About Grand Wealth Management

Our Story

Grand Wealth Management was established in 2004 on the belief that wealth is far more than just numbers on a page. It represents individuals, businesses, and families, each with specific needs and goals. After nearly two decades at Ernst & Young, our founder, Jeffrey Williams, decided to create a firm that helped people to reach those goals, while leaving them with time to live their lives.

Today, Grand Wealth Management does just that, serving top businesses and families across the United States and around the world, while remaining true to our roots and clients here in West Michigan. With expertise in the fields of financial management, business operations, tax policy, law, and more, we believe that the strength of our community is measured by the success of our clients. Accordingly, we remain committed to strengthening the financial positions of everyone with whom we work—large or small business, family or individual. We seek to manage our clients’ concerns so that they can spend their time as they like, and so that generations might continue to benefit from their success.

Our Core Values

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Client Success Comes First

Team Above Self

Excellence is in the Details

Actively Grow Expertise

Encourage Trust, Respect, and Empowerment

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An individual approach

No two investors are alike. Each has different circumstances and aspires to different dreams. As financial advisors, we can meet your needs well only when we know you and your unique life situation. We focus our planning and operations to best serve your specific—and unique—financial goals and needs.


Deep professional expertise

Veterans of firms such as Ernst & Young, quoted in the likes of The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, members of the West Michigan Estate Planning Council, Rotary, and so much more: our deeply experienced team has a wealth of specialized knowledge and a trusted professional network that will help to effect your success.


How we define wealth management

To us, wealth management means peace of mind. We are your partner in helping you achieve what is most important to you. You've worked hard for your lifestyle; we’ll let you live it. We manage the day-to-day concerns of your investments, while ensuring you’re informed and up-to-date on your long term financial success.


We provide clarity

We take the many parts of wealth management—the complicated tax and liability issues, variables in asset selection, funding, restructuring, and more—and translate it into concise, actionable information so that you can make clear, informed decisions.


We listen

In both initial planning and ongoing communications, we take the time to listen, to stay on top of changes in your life and goals. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

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Jeff Williams
Senior Financial Advisor, Managing Principal