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Business Owners

As a business owner it is always important to have a plan. One component of this plan is managing the business so that it can provide the owner with the lifestyle they envision pre and post retirement. It is vitally important to build wealth both inside and outside of the business so that personal financial security can be protected no matter what happens down the road.

If you are looking to build, protect, and maximize your wealth that is inclusive of your business, this is where Grand Wealth Management comes in. We seek to develop transparent and tax sensitive financial plans for our clients that harmonize and leverage all savings avenues for our business owner clients. We work hard to help our business owner clients find peace of mind in knowing that they have best positioned themselves and their business for the future they envision.

Dedicated Professionals

Compensation can come in many different forms: a salary, annual or quarterly bonus, stock awards, pensions etc. It can be complicated and time consuming to navigate how best to manage and plan for many different types of cash flows. On top of keeping track of and managing income sources, many professionals are also concerned about making sure their investments are working as hard as possible so that they can focus on enjoying the things that matter most to them.

Grand Wealth can help you understand all your financial resources, make informed decisions about what elections make the most sense for you within the context of your goals, and create a strategy to help you achieve what is most important to you both pre and post retirement. We collaborate with you to do all of this while attempting to minimize your tax liability as much as possible.

Generational Wealth

Providing for family members and future generations is always front of mind for our clients. They frequently have a desire to create a financial legacy, whether it’s through educational funds or supporting charitable causes close to their hearts. These are wonderful goals, but putting all the puzzle pieces together can be a bit overwhelming at times.

We will help you develop a strategic wealth plan that shows exactly where you are now, how you will fund your personal needs throughout your life, and the legacy footprint you have the capacity to pursue. Clients can find comfort and peace of mind as we work with them to evaluate their options and uncover how their wealth will support their lifetime and legacy financial goals.

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Senior Financial Advisor, Managing Principal

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