A fresh perspective to financial planning

Mark’s skill lies in applying a mathematical mind to operational planning. Day to day, Mark carries out behind-the-scenes trades, leads research projects, and assists with client operations. He also takes part in Grand Wealth Management’s advisory operations and client services meeting groups.

Because this is his first job in finance, Mark comes to the role with an eagerness to learn, a curiosity about the industry, and no preconceived notions to limit his growth.

Pursuing dual interests

Prior to joining Grand Wealth, Mark served as a math tutor for graduate and college students at Western Kentucky University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics. While studying, he also completed coursework in preparation for pursuing his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification.

Mark joined Grand Wealth in 2022 as the first participant in the firm’s new Financial Advisor Residency Program, and quickly became an enthusiastic and valued member of the Grand Wealth team. Mark shares, “I discovered financial planning halfway through my academic program, and realized it was the perfect marriage of my dual interests in mathematics and philosophy. 

There are plenty of numbers to look at when developing a portfolio, but there’s also the opportunity to connect people’s money with their higher purposes.” 

Skill-building and discovery

As a full-time participant in Grand Wealth’s three-year residency program, Mark is gaining practical experience in operations, client care, financial planning, and other collaborative skills that prepare aspiring residents for a professional career as a financial advisor. 

Attentive to detail and always willing to lend a hand, Mark continues to hone his operational skills as he hones advisory proficiencies as well. This combination of his background with new proficiencies underpins his enthusiasm for this important industry.

“Financial planning can be a vulnerable space for clients,” he says. “For that reason, when a client trusts us to be their financial supporters, I dedicate myself to doing everything I can to help them reach their goals.”

“I am happy knowing that I make an impact on client's lives and make a difference in my community.”

In his free time, you can find Mark in a coffee shop or similar venue, engaging in brain-teaser puzzles like Sudoku, or playing board games with others. He and his partner moved to Grand Rapids to pursue Mark’s Grand Wealth residency. So far, they feel right at home.

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Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics, Western Kentucky University

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