Anastasia Wiese Shares 3 Free Money Management Tools on WZZM-TV’s “13 on Your Side”

July 26, 2019


Anastasia K. Wiese

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Anastasia K. Wiese


Senior Financial Advisor

With the theme, you’re never too young or too old to discover new ways to manage your money, WZZM-TV’s “13 on Your Side” host Sarah Makuta invited Anastasia Wiese, JD, CFP® to share three free tools people can use to plan for their financial independence.Check out Anastasia’s conversation with Makuta here: WZZM Interviews Anastasia Wiese… Or, for a sneak peek, here are Anastasia’s 3 top picks:

  1. EZ Financial Calculators from Bishinew Inc. – From calculating restaurant tips to preparing for retirement, this handy “tool kit” offers a far-reaching collection of calculators you can use to put your financial goals in perspective. [Apple Store] [Google Play]
  2. Mint – This refreshing app helps you create a snapshot of your current financial landscape. It also guides you through how to create and stick to a budget you can live with over the long haul. [Apple Store] [Google Play]
  3. Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg – Vanguard’s retirement calculator is simple and easy to use, requiring minimal input. Behind the simplicity, it uses a relatively robust “Monte Carlo” simulator to help you assess how long your money should last given your saving and spending plans in retirement. Start saving early! [Web-based calculator]