Welcome Back, Janelle Anderson

June 25, 2018


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There comes a time in any thriving business when a dedicated office manager becomes an essential ingredient for future growth. Fortunately, when that day arrived here at Grand Wealth Management, we did not have to search very far to find a perfict fit for the role. As a former part-time associate at Grand Wealth for nearly seven years prior, Janelle Anderson was already a friendly and familiar face to us and many of our clients. We are thrilled to re-welcome her as our full-time Office Operations Manager.As our newly minted “ringleader,” Janelle is overseeing our office management and operations, HR administration, marketing initiatives and regulatory compliance. She will also continue to assist with special projects aimed at adding value to our overall client experience, and she fills in where needed in other administrative roles.To meet or reconnect with Janelle in person, please stop by our offices for a visit. Or you can get to know her virtually by viewing her website bio or contacting her directly at janelle@grandwealth.com. Welcome back, Janelle!