Congratulations Steve Starnes, Our Newest Principal

October 16, 2017


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We are pleased to announce that Steve Starnes, MBA, CFP® is now a Principal at Grand Wealth Management. In his new role, he becomes a GWM co-owner, along with Ellie Winter and founder Jeff Williams.With more than a decade of financial planning and investment advisory experience, Steve joined Grand Wealth Management in 2015 as senior financial advisor. He has brought valued perspective to our firm’s range of services; specialized expertise in financial planning for aging family members; and shares our belief in a team approach to delivering professional client care. Expanding ownership makes our firm stronger for many years to come.We are not the only ones to notice how well Steve fits into our community. In December 2016, the Grand Rapids Business Journal featured Steve in an Inside Track entitled “From Rocket Scientist to Number Cruncher.” We shared the article back when it ran, and we think it is news worth repeating at this time.Congratulations to Steve, our clients, – and to us – as he takes on his new role as a Principal of Grand Wealth Management!Click here to read the full Grand Rapids Business Journal article »