Inside Track: From Rocket Scientist to Number Cruncher

January 25, 2017


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Financial advisor specializes in helping clients with dementia obtain financial security.In 2015 Steve joined Grand Wealth after a lengthy national search for the right firm to join. He and his family decided to move to Grand Rapids from Washington DC, where he was a successful partner with another wealth management firm, because he “was really impressed with Grand Wealth’s professionalism and focus on doing the right thing for their clients.”Steve has an educational background in aerospace engineering, and was drawn to helping people with their finances because others regularly sought him out for advice. This includes his grandmother who he helped as she developed dementia. Steve has since helped many other clients and their families who are challenged with dementia. This article also shares Steve’s passion for the violin, which he has played since age six, and his involvement in many Grand Rapids community organizations.Click here to read the full Grand Rapids Business Journal article »