Getting to Know Stephanie Mushna, CFP®

March 2, 2018


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If you’ve visited our offices lately, you may already have had the pleasure of meeting our new Associate Financial Advisor Stephanie Mushna, CFP®. If not, you’re in for a treat. Today, we are delighted to introduce Stephanie to you electronically. Read on, and please join us in welcoming Stephanie to Grand Wealth Management.What brings you to Grand Wealth Management? After graduating from Central Michigan University (CMU) in 2013, I served in advisory and client service roles for a few financial firms ranging from a small broker/dealer to a larger portfolio management shop. While I appreciated the opportunity to experience several business models, I realized I’d found my “just right” fit when the opportunity arose to join the GWM team. I like how we are neither too large nor too small; our clients’ financial interests always come first; and we mentor one another as a team. Oh, and I liked the idea of relocating from eastern Michigan to Grand Rapids! In short, GWM was everything I didn’t know I’d been waiting for.What led you to become a financial professional?I’ve known since I was young that I wanted to go into finance. Financial planning combines my two greatest loves: Running the numbers, and helping people apply them to their goals and dreams. Of course we also have to deliver budget-tightening ideas when necessary, but I especially love it when we’re able to build solid plans that allow for even more spending than they anticipated. There’s no better feeling than delivering good news to a client.How were you able to become a Certified Financial Planner™ professional at such a young age? I’m lucky that I was able to major in financial planning in college. A generation ago, that wasn’t possible. CMU blended some of the educational requirements for a CFP® mark straight into its program, so I could get started on the thousands of hours of on-the-job experience required shortly after I graduated. It was quite a personal milestone to achieve my CFP® certification last December 2017.How do you like Grand Rapids? I grew up in eastern Michigan, in South Lyon, so Grand Rapids is a new and different lifestyle – but a perfect one for an extrovert like me. I especially love the downtown. It’s super easy to get around, and everything seems so new and clean. Besides all the fun local activities, it’s also been a great home base for staying involved in the financial professional community. I’m treasurer of my sorority alumni group, plus I’m a board member for the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Michigan. Right now, I’m working on a project to help connect local universities to real-world financial planners around Michigan.Welcome, Stephanie!