Forbes Column: Stephanie Mushna, CFP® Weighs in on Saving for Retirement (at Any Age)

March 15, 2018


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Everyone wants to save for their ideal retirement. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. Imminent wants and needs interfere. Some company retirement plans are better than others. Time flies … and sometimes escapes us entirely.How do you get past these and other retirement saving challenges people commonly face? Forbes columnist Kate Ashford covered this in her February 2018 piece, “Americans Still Missing the Boat on Retirement Savings.”We were honored when Ashford shared a practical tip from our own Stephanie Mushna, CFP® on how to help non-savers to save more. We hope you’ll read the entire article (including page 2, where her quote appears). It’s filled with ideas from a variety of advisors, including Stephanie, who said: “I find many people are overwhelmed by money and the idea of talking about the future. … It often times is on a client’s list of ‘I’ll get to it tomorrow.’ One of the huge benefits of working with a financial advisor is that it allows a personal financial plan to be drafted.”Looking for a financial plan of your own, or more ideas for your retirement planning? Stephanie and the rest of us are here to help.