Congrats to the Award Winner: “Rethinking Dementia”

September 13, 2018


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As a founding sponsor of Rethinking Dementia: Accelerating Change,” Grand Wealth couldn’t be more proud of the group’s recognition as WOOD TV8’s 2018 “Connecting with Community” award winner.Founded in 2016, Rethinking Dementia is a collaborative effort among several West Michigan senior care providers and other organizations, including Grand Wealth Management. Our own Steve Starnes sits on its board.“We were selected because we developed an app, Dementia Services Michigan,” says Steve, “It helps people with dementia and their families connect with local support resources.”Program director Lisa Misenhimer found this was a top complaint: “People didn’t know where to go for help.” Fellow founding board member, Holland Home’s Mina Breuker adds, “This is too big. No one organization can tackle dementia, and the needs for dementia care.”Thus the Dementia Services Michigan app was born, bringing together a wealth of resources available throughout the community.Rethinking Dementia now has the opportunity to spread its message even further, thanks to the free Public Service Announcements running on WOOD TV8 throughout the year. With the momentum, the group is also exploring further collaboration with additional partners which may have even greater community impact.Here are links to access the Dementia Services Michigan app for yourself …